IU - Internationale Hochschule

IU - Internationale Hochschule

since 2021

since 2021



IU Internationale Hochschule is a private online university located in munich, Germany. It focuses on providing interdisciplinary education in the fields of technology, business, and design.


Project goal

Rebranding the IUBH to the IU (2021)

Design System
UX Design
  • Building a design system for consistent design practices and an improved overall design.

  • Implementing new brand components from the rebranding to help maintain and reinforce the brand's visual identity.

  • Ensure a smooth transition from Sketch to Figma by supporting to the design team.

UX/UI Design (since 2021)

UX Design
  • create and implement new features (Bookmarks, Personalization Switch, Catalog restructuring and filter)

  • Implement a design system with a component library that can be reused for different purposes.

Design System

The IU was missing a Design System which led to:

  • inconsistency in website look and feel

  • Inefficient and repetitive work

  • Higher costs and use of resources due to lack of streamlined design process

  • No platform for spreading new design elements and ensuring consistent implementation

  • Difficulty in switching from Sketch to Figma due to lack of familiarity with Figma among existing team members


We were part of a team of designers that built an extensive design system.

  • Component versions designed for easy reuse and adaptation to different platforms and devices

  • Clear guidelines for foundations and components to make it easy for designers and developers to follow

  • Naming structure promotes effective communication between designers, developers, and project managers, streamlining development process





  • Now 1,5 years later we still work with the IU and help to maintain and improve the library.

  • The design library is used by 20+ team members of the design-, marketing- and programming team daily. As well as the product manager and owner.

  • The component library is used on every IU platform.

  • The elements and colors from the rebranding are implemented in every IU surface.

The IU has a consistent look and feel across all products and platforms.

Let's build something amazing together.