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Project Goal

Redesigning the home screen to make new and relevant content easier to find, also with the goal to increase user retention and customer satisfaction to boost the ambassador rate of the brand.

Introduce an opportunity for companies to personalize the app and create a more customized experience for their employees.

Implementing a Design System to speed up the time to market for new features and ensure a consistent User Interface of the application.

Problem statements

“I have difficulties to figure out what is new and important for me. It is frustrating, and I often close the app due to a lack of valuable information.”

Problem statements

“Creating the UI for new features is always a tedious process as we have no clear design guidelines mapped out. This not only makes it harder for the product team to finalise the feature but also for the developers to properly deliver it to market.”

Nadine Szentivanyi, Product Lead

Design System

The design system is build as a figma library to be used easily in future design documents.


  • The designs of the web and app were not consistent, which led to a negative impact on the user experience.

  • There was no naming structure.

  • There was a lack of understanding between the product manager and developers.

  • A long time was spent to create new features and develop them.


  • Reduce the time to market.

  • Decrease costs.

  • Ensure consistent design and naming structure.

  • Improve communication between the developers and product management.


A design system and component library have been introduced, which includes:

  • Different versions of each component are provided to adapt to different platforms and devices, ensuring consistent results across all of them.

  • Predefined templates serve as guidelines for connecting different components, thereby reducing the time and costs associated with implementing new features.

  • Design tokens and a naming structure that implements a shared language between the developers and the project manager help streamline the development process.


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